2012 resolution

If you are big fan of Simpson then you might well aware of above saying. Yes, Homer once said in his one of episodes

Trying is the first step towards failure.

Fair enough and he can say that. That being said, I would like to a bit twist his words into

Trying Failure is the first step towards success.

Failure is also the first step towards success as there are thousands millions of hurdles and hassles on the road to success. Literally there is no short cut to success. No success comes easy and even if so, you won’t recognize it’s genuine success. Furthermore, easy come always easy go.

I would learn by mistake and progress through failure this year too. Hope every droppers into this blog be full of failures 2012 ,seriously!, thus you grow much higher in following years.

모두 ~ 새해 복많이 받으세요.

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