How to change Microsoft Windows drive icon (Windows 7)

How to change Microsoft Windows drive icon (Windows 7)

윈도우 7 에서 드라이브 아이콘 바꾸기


1. Download (Free) Icon from Web to your download folder.

Ask Google about it.

2. Prepare text file which name of “autorun.inf” and fill it with below content.


3. Locate “autorun.inf” under very top of folder hierarchy. (e.g) E:\autorun.inf)

4. Rename downloaded icon file into “Drive.ico” to align with the “autorun.inf” content.

5. Restart your PC and done.

* Not only USB typed external HDD drive but Local drive can also be applied with above tip.

For your understanding, I have totally 3 HDDs. Two local HDDs which are “C,D” and “E”. C and D drives are just logically partitioned single physical drive. and E is Single HDD. Plus, one external USB typed HDD that is “G”.


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