VS2011 Developer Preview Version Uninstallation issue


1. If you ever installed VS2011 Developer Preview version before and enjoyed playing with it.

2. If you happen to know VS2011 beta released yesterday and come to be curious about all their wonderful promises.


I come across below weird error message pop-ups when I tried to open my recent C++ project which has no problem before. I checked every other project files and end up with sigh and some of WTF.





I googled about this issues and found other MS fan guys like me are suffering similar problems.

You can find some of workaround here in stackoverflow, however, I had no luck yet.


Do NOT install or uninstall Developer Preview unless you are playing all these stuffs under testing environment.

Otherwise, it will break all your valuable product code of Visual Studio solutions which have had no problem before.

Sorry for I can’t give you how to fix or avoid this but I think it’s still worth to identify potential issue before you get into trouble.

I would keep posting if I find how to fix it.

Probably, I’d simply remove and reinstall VS2011 and never gonna play with alpha, beta products on my Dev environment.


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