Toy project

My toy application to display NSW, Australia crime news reported by NSW Police.

As a children-grower and family keeper myself, I am sure being aware of the crime risk around and keep those thing happening from my family are number one priority in my bucket.

Current crime report systems delivered by NSW police are well and good as they are proactive and succinct to share their valuable information through many social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and RSS.

Being said that, my gut feeling is it would be much fancier to map those in something more eye-friendly way as well as in a visually enhanced space. I believe Google Maps is the best place where I can prove it. This is where this app came from.

It’s mainly developed utilizing Google Maps API v3, Python and its opensource libraries (geopy-0.94.1, BeautifulSoup-3.2.0 and etc) and some Javascript codes of course.

Google maps mapped NSW criminal information will be updated as per every hour unless issues with the hosted server and whatever bugs around the code.

It’s accessible via below link thanks to wonderful free web hosting company,



Please be aware that this service may suspend at any time if NSW police decided to block my usage or change the way of their news updates.

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